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 The Diplomat

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PostSubject: The Diplomat   Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:33 pm

Edited by Rayden
Roleplay: Darth Romana, Rayden Keto and Atrox
The Diplomat - part I:

The Fury-Class starfighter enters Nal Hutta space as Lord Romana sets the co-ordinates for Nar Shaddaa: the Hutt delegation, upper city levels.

As the freighter docks at the uppermost level Nar Shaddaa, the Sith Lord and her apprentice prepare for their meeting with the Hutt Cartel. Darth Romana unstrapped herself from the cockpit, "This mission is of the highest priority, stay out of trouble when we land. I don't want anything to compromise our negotiations."
Sitting still, Rayden crossed his arms, "I won't get in your way. What shall i do in the meantime?" The Sith Lord pulled back her hood and answered, "Confine yourself to the upperlevels of Nar Shaddaa and don't go too far, you may do as you like."

The two gathered their belongings and stepped out to the welcoming delegation.
Elaborate and with no pretence of humility, the welcoming party was below Romanas standard. "This grand welcome wasn't necessary gentlemen, I trust your masters are ready for us?" Fearing a Sith Lord of her stature, her peers could all but nod in silence.

Proceeding with the formalities, Rayden grew weary of the nobles, yet his senses picked up an interesting coversation about a Sith artefact.
During his early stages of training he lost his one remaining heirloom on Korriban fending off hssiss, a Sith Amulet. How it got to Nar Shaddaa was irrelevant, the force had brought him there to reclaim it and he was not about to dismiss this one opportunity.

Darth Romana entered the delegation meeting room ordering her apprentice to stand guard outside. "The Cartel cannot be trusted, subdue anyone who tries to enter!"
Driven by his urge to reclaim his lost possession, Rayden disregarded his masters orders and left for the netherregions of Nar Shaddaa to the famed "Spice" cantina. "If my master asks, tell her i went to check the view.."
Atrox, a bounty hunter, sat in the cantina polishing his newly modified blaster thinking of a plan to kidnap a diplomat, Miin-Falaa. Once a member of the Republic embassy, Miin went rogue after discovering some "classified" holorecords. Seeking refuge within the Exchange he is currently in Nar Shaddaa waiting to be relocated in exchange for his data.

The Hutt Cartel wanting this data for their own purposes of powerplay hired Atrox to capture and retrieve the Diplomat and the holorecords. Learning from his source, the barkeep of cantina Spice, someone was asking about the Exchange, his instincts drove him to seek out Rayden relaying a message at the Cartel reception, "a tour for an exchange student, meeting at the Spice cantina in 20 minutes."

Rayden responded immediately making his way back to the cantina, as the two sat down and discussed their goals and common enemy. Concocting a plan to enter the Exchange HQ, the pair disguised themselves as refugees as they infiltrated the compound.

"Halt! This is private territory." Drawing his twin heavy blasters faster than a Gamorrean could perceive, Atrox shot down the first wave of guards paving way for Raydens lightsaber to cut down the remaining 2 guards. The duo blasted their way through the halls leaving charred corpses in their wake.
Meanwhile, at the Hutt delegation the Hologram of Nem'Ro the Hutt drives a hard bargain. A courier approaches Darth Romana relaying news of her renegade apprentice. "Send my agent after them. Don't let him interfere, just keep a close eye on the two."

"You do realize even if we survive this, there's no guarantee we'll escape Nar Shaddaa, little own the refugee sector..
I'll take my chances!
" - Rayden and Atrox fighting Exchange hired guns.

Teren Ku'Har, Qarren Exchange boss, witnessed the commotion and activated his custom ray shields in the Exchange compound incarcerating the duo.

You have something that belongs to me!
Insolent Sithspawn, we rule Nar Shaddaa not you! Did you really think you could just walk in and take this from me?
You don't want me to answer that..."
- Teren Ku'Har and Rayden.

At the upperlevels of Nar Shaddaa the delegation meeting was concluded, and an angry Darth Romana stormed out of the Hutt Cartel quarters in search of her apprentice.

**To be continued**
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The Diplomat
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