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 Darth Romana - Biography

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Darth Romana
Dark Lady
Dark Lady

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PostSubject: Re: Darth Romana - Biography   Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:22 pm

Birth Name: Elassa Ka'Romana
True Name: Darth Romana
Apprentice: N/A
Alignment: Darkside
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Hapes
Species: Hapen (near-human)
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Light-brown
Hair Style:
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Special Characteristics:
Lightsaber/Weapons: Doublebladed lightsaber, concealed daggers
Fighting Style:
Favorite Techniques:
Theme Music:
Character History:

Early life on Hapes

Born into a life of privilege and power, Elassa Ka'Romana hails from Ta'a Chume'Dan, the capital of the Inner Rim world of Hapes, governed by the isolationist Hapes Consortium.

Mari'a Ka'Romana, Elassa's grandmother died with no female heir so as per Hapen law her titles, wealth and estates passed to the Islia K'orsa the wife of Issold Ka'Romana, her eldest son Issold Ka'Romana. Isila, an intelligent and ambitious social climber remained focused on pursuing and achieving her late mother-in-law's ambitions - to acquiesce the throne of Hapes for 'The Most 'Noble and Ancient House Ka'Romana'. Isila, an individual adept in the the manipulative upper class Hapen culture of assassination and power struggles, was born of long line of Hapen-Dark Acolytes and knew that this gave her a massive advantage but more so a unavoidable disadvantage. When her first born child was female, Isila and Issold were elated - Elassa with the blood of Ka'Romana and the power of the Dark Acolytes was almost assured to eventually inherit the throne of Hapes, the first Ka'Romana to do so in more than 600 years.

The House Ka'Romana rose dramatically in public opinion as year by year Isila moved closer to the throne eventually becoming First Minister of State, the Chief adviser to the Queen Mother. By this time Elassa had been trained by her mothers family in the mystic arts of the acolytes, in the works of politics of Hapes by her mother and as a knight of the Hapen Royal Guard. In eveyr aspect Ellasa was everything Isila, Issold and House Ka'Romana wanted in a daughter. In time she could ascend the throne and become immune to assassination and coups carried out because of the political ambitions of opponents, consolidating her family permanently and changing the power-hungry culture of the Hapes Consortium.

At the age of 9 Elassa was entered into contract in which the Queen Mother renounced all her decedents claim to the throne in favour the daughter of the popular First Minister and Consort, making her the single heir to the throne. Days after the agreement the Queen's shuttle was shot out after leaving the Ka'Romana estate. Rather than jubilant celebration from the new royal house, their was silence. The Consortium looked in disarray as the throne remained unclaimed. As days then weeks passed the silence continued with neither the heir apparent nor the First Minister of State appearing publicly - eventually the Royal Court was forced to pass a state of emergency that allowed the death of the deceased queen to be investigated - only then did the Ka'Romana's reappear publicly; in chains.

A rival house had located and massicared the Dark-acolyte K'orsa family and sent security teams to arrest the almost defenseless Ka'Romana's; for treason. Despite Elassa, her younger brother, Z'ayn, and mother, Isila, all being powerful force wielders they didn't resist their arrest. That was the last Elassa saw of her mother and father; House Ka'Romana was cast as traitors, she and her brother were exiled and the rest of her family, she assumed, were executed.


To be added soon...


The extravagance of Romana's appearance was unlike most among the Sith, many looked in surprise to the amount of effort Romana put into her very regal appeance. Ostentatious head dresses, emotive makeup and extravagant robing, many opponents and allies wouldn't be blamed for assuming her vanity a weakness, despite the inaccuracy. She dressed to impress, manipulate and to inspire fear. Adept in acrobatic combat Romana's dress was as functional as it was stylish. More to be added soon...
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Darth Romana - Biography
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