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 Ardradus Application

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PostSubject: Ardradus Application   Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:07 pm

    True Sith - Membership Application

  • Have you taken the time to read and understand the Rules and Guidelines required to become a member of True Sith?

    Yes I have read all rules and guidelines.

  • Have you applied to True Sith on the Official SW:TOR website?

    No I have not.

  • Real Name -

    Zachary Green

  • Character Name(s) -


  • Age -


  • Country/Area/Time Zone (EST,PST,MST,CST,GMT, etc) -

    Newfoundland Standard Time

  • Post a link to your SWTOR account. -


    General Information

  • How were you directed to the True Sith? Were you referred by a member of Truth Sith, and if so, Who? -

    I found the True Sith through the Old Republic wiki.

  • Why do you want to join True Sith? -

    I wish to join a good Roleplaying guild help further my own experience
    inside of the game and do so for other people as well.

  • We can ask for background info, What past MMO experience do you have? -

    I've never played much of any really popular MMO's due to lack of resources at the time. But I did play a fair bit of Runescape for years.

  • What past guild experience do you have? -

    I was a member of several Runesape guilds, though never none as large as the True Sith.

  • Do you have a problem getting into Ventrillo? If so, please explain. -

    Personally I've never tried Ventrillo before, but I have no problem trying it.

  • What do you expect from this guild and what can we expect from you? -

    I expect to get out of this guild exactly what I am willing to put into it, and that is a mature environment
    filled with like minded individuals who are willing to help, role play, and give a positive game experience.

  • Do you wish to eventually ascend into leadership? -

    Eventually maybe, it's too early for me to tell if I intend to obtain leadership. Though I am a sith, so if the question is "Will I eventually betray and murder my superior to take their position?" then the answer is that the force works in many different ways.


  • What is your playstyle? -

    I'm a casual player for the most part, I enjoy the Old Republic mainly for its expansive and intriguing storyline.

  • Which area do you enjoy the most? (PvP, RP, PvE, etc...)? -

    I usually play on PvE.

  • Have you ever been a member of an end-game raiding guild? If so, which ones and in which game? -

    No I have not.

  • Do you enjoy raiding? Please explain your answer. -

    Sure I enjoy raiding.

  • What is your most memorable raid encounter? Be descriptive. -

    I am still new to this particular game, only been playing for a few weeks. Haven't really had a truly memorable raid quite yet.

  • What type of PvPer are you? -

    I guess I'm more of a support person, healing and range attacks.

  • Have you ever been a member of a hardcore PvP guild? If so, which ones and in which game? -

    No I have not.

  • Describe your most memorable PvP encounter. Be descriptive. -

  • We would like your opinion on ganking, griefing, camping,etc. Do you approve of these acts? -

    Honestly, I don't have much of an opinion on these things yet.

    RP - Character Information

  • Character Name -


  • Species -

    Sith Pureblood

  • Class -

    Sith Sorceror

  • Alignment -

    Empire, Dark II

  • Unit -

    Khem Val

  • Info -

    Apologies If i messed up any areas of the application. Again I have only been playing SWTOR for about two weeks so I'm still new to certain terminology.
    I am looking forward to joining this guild.

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Ardradus Application
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