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 Sorry Everyone

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Darth Bythion
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PostSubject: Sorry Everyone   Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:27 am

As many of you probably have seen over the last month. The guild has slowly been deteriorating and it's leaders have been going off to create their own guilds for various reasons. And I realize that this is my own fault, I have not been spending enough time with the guild and frankly I am not a good candidate for guild leadership. I have only now realized this and thus all of you have paid for it. I abdicate my position of guild leader to Darth Romana and I leave it to him whether or not to keep the guild going. If any of you wants to talk to me about something you can send me a pm on swtor.com DarthBythion. I'm sorry to have pretty much wasted some of your time, but sometimes things like this just don't work out in the long run, especially when the game they're waiting for takes years to develop. I'm sorry to leave those of you that are left like this, but I just can't do it anymore and hopefully y'all can understand that. I wish you all luck in whatever you choose to do from here and I hope you all have fun in the game. I will probably not be returning to this site.


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PostSubject: Re: Sorry Everyone   Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:54 pm

Jesus! Another one? Have fun in RL. Sad
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Sorry Everyone
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