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 Darth Zelus character

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Darth Zelus
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PostSubject: Darth Zelus character   Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:26 pm

well I figured I'd give role-playing a go as a means to pass time and i will try and post as frequently as I can, I'm pretty tired so this may seem half assed but here's what I got

Birth Name: Beck Vasili
True Name: Darth Zelus
Apprentice: N/A
Alignment: Darkside, Himself
Age: mid twentys
Place of Birth: unkown
Species: Human/ cybernetics
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Hair Color: brown
Hair Style: straight medium length
Eye Color: neon in colour due to cybernetics, fluctuates between colour
Height: 5'10"
Special Characteristics: Calm demeanour yet masks a frank bluntness and an occasional psychotic fluctuation between personalities, cyernetic eyes and scar across eyes from lightsaber wound, left arm and shoulder which are made of a cortosis material resistant to lightsaber blows
Lightsaber/Weapons: Doublebladed purple lightsaber (hilt slightly shorter than most models, the hilt is smoothe with small coiled grooves etched all along with each tip fraying of into short slender crowns), concealed vibro blades in cybernetic arm
Fighting Style: Form I, Form II, Basic Form V, Trakata, basic telekinetic saber combat
Favourite Techniques: force shock, force speed, Trakata, telekinetic blasts and shockwaves, rising whirlwind, flowing water, shiak, sai cha, mou kei
Theme Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiN6t7K7txw

Zelus' memory is a shattered blur unable to recall were he grew up he only briefly remembers the figures that were his parents his father walking out on him and an unwanted family. When Zelus was 15 he awoke inside one of koribans many cells the room was drowned in markings of past tenets of these cells, dried blood etched in the walls, stagnant smells invaded the nose and most of all a heavy weight that had been looming over him since he awoke like the ghosts of the dead were dragging him down.

Zelus was told that he had been disowned after a psychotic break resulting in over 20 deaths several were imperial officers. No one new what triggered the break however the sith had taken an interest at his unusual high force potential, he became a test subject for there sadistic pastimes as they researched into his force potential. later the empire realized how much potential Zelus had and as a blank slate they trained him, coldly and brutally the sith ways of killing, many forms of close quarter excutions and force empowered strikes later and by the time he was coming up 18 he was sent into korribans wastes to deal with the defectors of the empire acolytes who had either gone soft or who didn't know there place and with an unwavering calm demeanour he brutally ended there existences using only the force and forged his first lightsaber using the remains of his slain foes' sabers.

At the time he became 21 Zelus was sent on many missions outside of korriban whoever it was when he was sent to Belsavis to hunt down a renowned jedi master and his pupil, by the end of a week of Zelus had already tracked down the pair and had slain the young weak zabrak pupil with ease and for nearly a day Zelus and the miraluka jedi master had been stuck in a near endless deathmatch, Zelus brought it to an end by sacrificing an arm he obtained the opening he needed to lay waste to the master and in the miraluka's last act he hurled his lightsaber at zelus who had only just let his guard down. after making back to his shuttle he returned to korriban were he attained his new title of Darth and having cybernetic implants he took what he learned from his encounter in Belsavis and remade his lightsaber and honed his ways of killing his glowing eyes never falter as he quickly becomes accustomed to his new implants.
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Darth Zelus character
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