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 Darth Atrer

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PostSubject: Darth Atrer   Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:46 pm

Just so people don't get confused this a look at my character from the first person aspect before he heads to Dromund Kaas for his training. A look at him before his days as a Sith. Feel free to give me some criticism.

I’m sitting in a room full of people wearing cloaks and masks. They’ve all got pale complexion and an expression on their face that says ‘I’d rather be somewhere else now.’ I look away from them and their hardened gazes to something filled with less disdain. I find nothing. I look down upon my body and see my hands placed upon the arm rests of the chair and my motionless feet as they rest on the ground like stones. I ponder the inner mechanisms of my body as a whole and am utterly astonished by the thought of the millions tiny chemical reactions happening inside me every second and the complex systems that together help to maintain homeostasis.

It brings my thoughts away from the war and the fighting that I’ll inevitably have to participate in. My father once told me that the Empire would win the war in the end despite any victories the Republic may gain. I’m not sure that victory is in our agenda anymore. It seems more like a need for slaughter of all who’ve sworn their allegiances to the other side. But is it necessary? I think to myself as feel the raw emotion seething from the cracks of my new master’s skin. I think he knows I have my doubts. I see it in him every time he glares back at me, silently grinning at me across the room under his cold façade.

Is this is a war of ideas or a mutual hatred? I do not know the answer anymore. I do not wish to know anymore. These ‘Sith’ have wrought in their hearts and see only what is valuable to them. I cannot relate. My ambitions lay in the larger scale of things and the balance the Empire could bring. If only the Republic could be swept under the rug and the Empire to expand over all territory. Under the rule of a new more benevolent emperor and the disbanding of those underground factions, his right hands, we , I could bring balance to the entire galaxy. No more war, no more needless death just eternal balance. An ever spinning clock.

I cast my thoughts aside as I see my Master approaching me. He tells me the shuttle to Dromund Kaas will be here shortly and that my training in the force, the ways of the Sith, begin tomorrow. I think he’s about the leave but before he does he tells me that I’ll need a new name. He says I’ll be known as Atrer from now on and that someday I may be a Darth. He says he’s chosen it because it exudes the feeling of power and yet youth. It’s something that apparently fits my appearance. I tell him that I like it but if I could still go my old name as well he says no and that, that part of me dead. He tells me to forget him for he no longer is and that in the morning my new life begins.

I’m not sure if I know what that means. Am I simply a slab of clay for this man to mold? A piece of pottery to someday take the place of the potter. Before I stand I take a look around the room one last time and see all the faces of these Lords and wonder if I too one day will be like them. My thoughts of balance gone and replaced by a bloodlust. Maybe it was always inevitable.
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Darth Atrer
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