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 The Sith Apprentice Rem

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PostSubject: The Sith Apprentice Rem   Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:23 am

"I realized I could never be the best, so I decided to find the man that could and serve by his side." [/url]
Name: Rem (Last Name is Unknown)
Rank: Sith Apprentice
Alignment: Dark Side
Species: Rattataki
Age: 21
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 128
Eyes: Silver/Gray
Sex: Female
Preference Male
Appearance: (The look of Rem is my avatar ) Rem wears a tight fitting robe that often distracts men. Her skin appears flawless, but that is not the case. As a slave, Rem had to be punished in order to learn. She has a giant, spider-like burn mark on her back that mares her beautiful pale skin. She has blue tattoos that are uniquely placed upon her face.
Fighting style: Form IV: Ataru .
Favorite Techniques: Rem is quite lithe and fast. She uses various acrobatics to catch her enemy off guard with her speed. Unlike most Sith, she chooses a quick death rather than using force techniques that slowly kill the target such as Force Choke. size]
Lightsaber/Weapon: [size=9] One double-bladed light saber. The crystal is a rare silver.
Starship: [size=9] Being a former slave, Rem does not own a Starship. She goes wherever her master goes. She travels how ever he travels.

(First off, several time skips. I'm kinda rushing. I'll improve much later. Also put some of my application into the history since that is when she first arrives on Korriban)

"Are you enjoying the day of your birth?" A pale figure came up from behind the small alien girl. "You are very special, Rem," the male rattataki spoke, trying to get the girl's attention. Her eyes did not strain from the bright sky. She seemed simply fascinated. The male continued to talk, hoping to engage the little girl in some way. "Your mother and I thought you would never arrive those six years ago. Your mother was getting older, and a child just didn't seem possible. You are a special gift to our clan." He patted his daughter's hairless head. Rem's eyes moved away from the sky for only a moment. She stared up at the aging rattataki and gave a respectful nod. "Come now...Your party await." He took her hand, pulling the girl away from the hill and towards a small settlement.

Bombs. That was all Rem could hear the elders say. It clearly wasn't a birthday gift. She wondered if they should run and hide, but they must have only wanted her to hide. The small clan piled themselves together, hugging the only rattataki child amongst them. Rem's parents covered her with their bodies as a flash of light stung her eyes. Harsh winds blew some of her kin away. The once blue planet was now an eerie red. She couldn't see much past the smoking corpses of her clan.

(More Later in this Section)

When first arriving on Korriban, Rem's body nearly gave out after exiting the platform. It was clear that her body was in fragile state. Just from the look of her it was obvious she wasn't anything above a slave, but here she was. Her previous owner in the Empire had taken her to Sith immediately once her force sensitivity had shown. It wasn't unusual that one opened up to the force in adulthood. Late bloomers. Of course, the Sith would never use such a silly phrase.

This planet felt wrong. Any safety that some felt with their two feet on the ground was easily lost here. There was no security. This planet felt as if it wanted to swallow you whole. It probably would if it could. These sensations gave way to more feelings that developed inside of the young rattataki. There was some blood-thirsty need to kill and sacrifice many to this planet. Yes. This planet was solely built on blood. It had to be.

Several young Sith hopefuls shoved the pale rattataki out of their way. It was a wonder that Rem's weak body didn't fall to the ground and shatter. Her eyes narrowed on their confident forms. She wanted to bury them far out on this blood covered planet. Maybe then this war singing planet would tell her it's secrets. Oh, how wonderful it would be to gift the soil with fresh, undeserving blood. It was an honor. Oh, yes. She would kill other members, hoping to progress within the Sith. They weren't strong in the force yet. They wouldn't know how to defend themselves. This planet would give her an opening. It would bring her and those hapless recruits together. Their deaths would merely be a cataclyst into having her noticed by a new Master, one whom she would follow to the ends until this planet sung of more carnage and secrets. Oh, how she wished to be born upon the stained soil of this Korriban. Then it's song would follow her even into space.

Theme Music: (Will put up later)

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The Sith Apprentice Rem
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