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 Hockeydank Application

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Council Advisor

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PostSubject: Hockeydank Application   Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:39 pm

Nickname - Hockeydank

Country of residence - USA

Age - 16


How were you directed to the True Sith? - Recruited by TMILL

We can ask for background info, What past MMO experience do you have? - Experience playing WoW

What past guild experience do you have? - None

What is your playstyle? - PvP with groups and some PvE
PVE or PVP or both? - Both

Why would you be a good addition to this guild? - Help with some of my experience and will play quite often with the guild and its members

Do you wish to eventually ascend into leadership? - If possible


Character Name - Hockeydank

Species - Depends on what is available

Class - Sith Inquisitor

Alignment - Grey

Unit - Army

Info - Will be entered later
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Hockeydank Application
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