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 Application for Tekoshim

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Darth Romana
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PostSubject: Application for Tekoshim   Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:59 pm

  • Nickname - Teko, or -TëK-

  • Country of residence - United states of capitalism ☺

  • Age - Biologically: 25. Mentally: not 25


  • How were you directed to the True Sith? - Through my friend Streiter, who usually has good taste in MMOs though some times will lie, and trick me into playing and or GMing something I didn't really wish too! Not that I'm bitter or have a grudge, I'm just sayin' though, it's happened.

  • We can ask for background info, What past MMO experience do you have? - More then I remember. I've been MMOing since about 14, and have played, hosted, modded, hacked, tested and enjoyed the pants off of a lot of damn MMOs. The few I can remember without having to sit back and grab another mountain dew include: Ragnarok online (my one true love ♥) Anarchy online, Rohan, Elancia, Guild wars, World of warcraft, Mabinogi, Gunz, Blood rayne, Martial heros, 4story, puzzle pirates, Maple story, Rose online, Dream of mirror, Perfect world, Flyff, and some others that really didn't make it into long term memory... probably because they sucked.

  • What past guild experience do you have? - I've been in and out of a lot of guilds throughout my (in retrospect, rather bleak) time on this planet, some of the types of which include strict guild on guild war groups which I typically hate. Grinder guilds just focused on leveling, usually to rigorous for my tastes, Tech support is rewarding but vary monotonous, Role playing, Family, and others. The main aspect of having a guild for me is keeping together people you enjoy playing with... physically or metaphorically.

  • What is your playstyle? - Over caffeinated swiss army pocket knife with a pension for evil; Ask streiter about Yuri.

  • PVE or PVP or both? - PvE mainly, immature, elitist, mommy issue kids have ruined more games for me then hacks, funding, or unbalanced classes combined. I do enjoy good sporting PvP, but it's a rare flower I seldom get to enjoy in a sea of ass berries.

  • Why would you be a good addition to this guild? - Because I remember what the RPG in MMORPG still stands for. I don't get hung up on the (psudo)seriousness attitude that a lot of players seem to demand in MMOs. It's a game, to play with my friends, and have a lot of fun with. I've killed off and burned my own characters to further a story line or because it fit the situation, and blatantly broken rules (usually paper n dice rpgs) because it fit the story, and or was thoroughly amusing. On a more technical note, I'm a breaker: I brake characters (not nearly as much as Streiter's kin, dear god can he tear open a class) I pour over skills, armor sets, weapon upgrades and find the collection that just really overpowers a class... and then typically never use it in favor of something more amusing hahaha XD

  • Do you wish to eventually ascend into leadership? - No, not at least in any formal sense. To many people don't want to think for themselves and put to heavy a burden on their leaders. Been there, done that, I'll let the newer generation have first stab at it.


  • Character Name - Promatek, Kobayashi, Gorukaiyashi, few of my usual favs, but it might change depending on what's released.

  • Species - Chiss, or cyborg, depending on what's released.

  • Class - Bounty hunter or Imperial Agent, once again, depending on what's released.

  • Alignment - Principled Chaotic, er, I mean... darkish.

  • Unit - 5 1/2" uh...I mean, Army, navy, not sure yet until I see what's available.

  • Info - Important back story part goes here once the classes and species get finalized

  • Why did you add another bullet? - I felt it was necessary.

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PostSubject: Re: Application for Tekoshim   Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:42 pm

We got a comedian! Shocked
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Darth Bythion
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Dark Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Application for Tekoshim   Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:14 pm

He seems confident and funny, plus he's friends with Streiter.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Tekoshim   

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Application for Tekoshim
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