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 SinAres bio

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PostSubject: SinAres bio   Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:50 am

Name – SinAres

Species - Human

Age - 18

Height - 5"8

Weight - 180

Eyes - Red with rage

Skin - Tan

Appearance - SinAres has long black hair and a goatee. His eyes are red with rage that when his the enemies look into, those were the lost thing they saw. His body of medium build, with scars that showed many battles he fought with his enemies. Those scars, every time he looks at them, brings him back to the battles feeling victorious. His wear is whatever suits best in combat.

Alignment - Dark Side

Weapon – Dual red sabers

Fighting style - Form II - Makashi way of the Ysalamiri, Shien Form V - Shien way of the Krayt dragon, Jar'Kai

Info/Background -

Theme music - "Genesis" by Justice

Still thinking of the info/background
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PostSubject: Sin Ares- the orphan, the slave, and the apprentice    Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:31 am

On the desert planet of Tatooine, Sin Ares's (age 4) mother and father died from an unknown illness that left him an orphan. He was alone no one to take care of him. He traveled through the scorching desert, finding a new place to call home. Many hours traveling through the desert, he fainted and fell mercy to the sun. Later, Sin was founded by a man name Otus Maroth; a man who Sin thought was going to be his new father, turned out to be his slave master. Maroth took him to his workshop in Moss Ila fed him a little meal and water and put him right to work.

Working in Maroth's workshop was nothing more than stress and agonizing to Sin; he was worked to death under the scorching sun, fed little, constantly abused by him and was called not by his original but his slave name; Sin Ares.( Before given his slave name, Sin's original name was Jara Loso). And that name was forever burned into his mind and forgetting his original. As he worked there, Sin was confined to the house; prohibited from leaving and socializing to other children. If he does, Sin was beaten and put in his cell for days without a meal. Sin wish he was strong enough to fight back but all he had was only rage and hatred toward Maroth."One day," he whispered to himself, "I will kill him and be set free.”

At the age of 15, Sin escaped from Otus Maroth. Maroth, angry, sent two bounty hunters to capture Sin. As he traveled across the desert on a speeder, the bounty hunters were right behind him. To lose them, Sin hid in an old Czerka lab. He found himself in the lab, fascinated of all the technology and data that was left here that he forgot the bounty hunters was after him. "Hmm, these creatures were experimented on, creating a whole new being. How fascinating. These weapons here, so alien that it is quite amazing these exist."Suddenly, an arm wrapped around Sin's neck."Here he is I got him, come over here quick!" The first bounty hunter said to the other one on his comm. "I'm on my way." The other responded back."Get off me!" Sin yelled with rage.He elbowed the bounty hunter in the gut but he didn't let go. In return, he threw Sin on the ground face first. Sin then turned around on his back and was face to face with the bounty hunter’s gun.
"I can kill you right here and now if you pull something like that again!
"Sin looked at him angrily then, out of the darkness, a red beam come out and impaled the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter fell and landed on Sin. Sin got the body off him and looked to see who done it but saw nothing.
"What was that?" he thought and crawled over to the bounty hunter to retrieve his gun. As he was retrieving the weapon, the second bounty hunter came and kicked Sin in the face. He looked at his dead comrade’s body then look at Sin.
"Did you do this, he said with anger," did you kill him?!" Sin said nothing and looked at him. The bounty hunters grabbed Sin by the hair and point his gun at him and shouted
“Answer me!" Sin refused to answer.
The bounty hunter threw him back on the ground and shouted, "Die!"Then before the bounty hunter fired, the red beam returned and sliced the bounty hunter’s arm off causing him to fall to the ground in pain. With his other arm attached, he grabbed his weapon and started blasting into the darkness. The red beam deflected the shot and came closer to the bounty hunter. As the beam came out of the darkness, so did a figure. The figure wore a black robe; the hood of it covered his entire head his face was darkened by the hood. As he came near, he held his saber high and struck the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter was no more.Sin, feeling scared and threatened, grabbed the weapon from the first bounty hunter and started firing at him. The figure held out his arm blocking the shots with his hand. Then he forces the gun out of Sin’s hand and lifted him up 8 inches off the ground. Sin now levitating, asked the figure who he was. The figure responded back.
” My name is not important to you, you inferior fool!” Sin looked at the figure’s saber and came to the conclusion of who he was.
“You are a Sith aren’t you?” He said. The figure replied,
“And what if I am? What are going to do?” Sin in return said,
“Nothing, I heard about the Sith from the costumers at my master’s workshop, something about them returning. I was interested, that I also heard the history from an imperial officer as I was fixing his pistol.
”The figure drawn Sin closer towards him and asked him,
“Your master’s workshop? What are you a slave?”
Sin eyes lowered, “Yes a slave, a man who’s property, a man who is yearned to be free.”
The figure looked into Sin’s eyes and said, “To be free, hmm I think I see more than that.”
Sin looks at him. “Yes, I see that you are seeking revenge for what he had done for you for so long, his abuse towards you. Yes, you feel angry, raged but you are too weak to do what you must do.”
Sin’s eyes lowered again.
“What is your name child?” The figured asked.
“Sin, Sin Ares.” He said with disgust. The figure released him and Sin landed on fours. He looked at the figure and asked,
“Are you going to kill me?
”The figured laughed and said, “Kill you, no my boy, I won’t.”Sin looked at him in confusion and he continued, “I sense the force in you, that will bring you the freedom you need and power, is that what you want?”
Sin looked at him with determination and said, “Yes, I want to be free, I want to live my own life and become powerful too so that I can crush anyone that stands in my way!”
The figure responded, “Rise Sin Ares,” Sin rises to his feet, “You my apprentice will be taken under my wing and I’ll teach you much about the force.”
Sin bowed and said, “Yes, my master.”
Sin and his master walked out of the lab and headed out towards the desert wasteland of Tatooine were Sin trained and live with his master.

For years, Sin’s master taught him the ways of the force and how to use it. His training progressed until the age of 18 where he returned one day to his, master’s hut and found no one home. Sin was confused and angry that his master was not there.
“Where could he have gone?” Sin wondered. “Why would he leave me, I have not yet finished my training.” He searched his hut and found his light saber. He picked it up and engraved in it was the word “Korriban.” Korriban”, Sin thought. “That’s the planet the Sith originated from, could he have gone there?” Then he heard the sound of speeders, outside and a presence in the force. He took the saber and went out to see. Outside he found four republic troopers and a robed figure.
“What do you want?”
Sin shouted.
“Surrender Sith!” Commanded the trooper sergeant.
“Surrender? Sin mocked. “I don’t think so Republic scum, the only way for me to surrender,” Sin brought out the saber and ran at them shouting,” IS NEVER!”The troopers started blasting at him, each shot reflected by his saber. Sin launches himself towards the first trooper, decapitating him. Second one he thrust his saber through his chest. Third one, force lifted a speeder bike, threw it and crushed her. Lastly, the sergeant. The sergeant, got out a thermal grenade threw it at Sin. The thermal exploded forming a huge cloud of smoke.
“Got him.” The sergeant shouted with excitement. Then suddenly, Sin burst out of the cloud and slashed the sergeant across the chest and landed on his knees. He looked up and Sin decapitated him.
“Such weak fools, you should have sent better troops jedi.” The jedi took off her robe and drawn her saber.“Hmm, only a padawan huh, will then, PREPARE YOURSELF!!” Sin dash forward with rage, striking the jedi with furious attacks. “She is good.” Sin thought. “Let’s go all out!” His attacks became ferocious which was a major mistake for him; he is only tiring himself out. He breathed heavily a showing how tired he is, this was an opportunity for the jedi, and she attacked Sin and received cuts to his back, chest, arms and legs. Sin fell to his knees. “No, I can’t be defeated not to a jedi.” He looked to the sky, and whispered” Master.” Then he heard a voice,
“Sin contain that rage of yours, do not get let it all out, concentrate it and you will be victorious.”
“Yes master.”
“Give up while you still can.” the padawan said. “You still have hoped to join the light side of the force.”
Sin got up, “Give up,” he chuckled, “and join the light side of the force?” With a smile. “No I don’t think so.” With a deep breath, he dashed at her again but this time without much rage. His saber moved quickly and blows were heavy that the padawan can hardly keep up.
“Such power.” she said. ”I can hardly follow his movement. “ As the quick and heavy blows by Sin continued, the padawan became tired.
“This is it, look for an opening.” He said to himself. Sin spotted and opening. “There!” He shouted and thrust his saber into the chest of the padawan and she fell to her knees. Looking up to the sky, her vision blurred and began to whisper
“Master”, I failed.” Then blocking her view, Sin took his light saber and finished her off.
Sin looked at her corpse, “Republic scum.” He said and spit on it. Sin felt victorious. This is the power he wanted, the power that he will use to crush anyone that gets in his way. But he feels that he needs more training to gain more. “Korriban”, he said to himself, “I heard that the Sith retook it from the Republic.”
He looked at his master’s saber it. “Master, do you want me to go there and train?” He looked up to the sky. He smiled and said, “Yes master, is that what you want me to do then I will do it.” Sin took his master’s saber back into the hut and came out, with the hut on fire. He stood there watching it as it burns.”I will go to Korriban and to train and learn more about the force, but first, I must visit an old master personally.”

At the dead of night, Otus Maroth slept in his bed, dreamt of a nightmare and yelled” No, no get away from noooo!” He waked from his sleep. “What a nightmare,” he said and got up to go to the living room. There he saw that the door was open and went over to investigate. “What is this doing open, did I forgot to close the door, damn I got to stop going to the Cantina every night, coming home late.” He closed it, and returned to his room. As he began getting comfortable in his bed he heard a whisper, “Maroth I come to seek my revenge.” He got up and grabbed his pistol.
“Who’s there, he shouted, “Proto if that is you, I promise I pay you back.” Silence. He scratched his head and shrugged. He turned around and was looking at a familiar face.
”You, what are you doing here?” “I’m here for my revenge Maroth.”
“Yes my revenge!” Angrily.
“Will, I don’t think so!” He pointed the pistol at him but was quickly grabbed by the throat and pressed against the wall dropping the pistol
“Arrogant fool! “
“What do you want?” He whimpered.
“Are you stupid, you know what I said, I...Want…My…Revenge!”
“No please, don’t hurt me, I’m sorry Jara, I’m sorry.”
Slammed his head against the wall.” Don’t call me that, it’s Sin, Sin Ares and my revenge will be fulfilled!” Sin began to put pressure on Maroth’s throat. He put his hands on Sin’s trying to yank it off but his grip was too strong. Slowly his breathing became heavy and slow.
”Please stop,” he cried, please!”
His body began squirming about. Then, Maroth stopped squirming and let out his final breath. Sin let go and the lifeless body feel to the floor. Sin looked at it, “I did it I got what I wanted, and I am free.” He head out towards the door. It was pitch black out.

Sin looked up at the sky” Korriban,” he said to himself and disappeared in the night.
Sin Ares journey to Korriban will get him the training he need and the knowledge to become powerful, even though he had received training from a sith master, he has lots to learn and maybe there on Korriban he will find himself a new master.
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SinAres bio
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