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 The Sith Apprentice Streiter

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PostSubject: The Sith Apprentice Streiter   Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:48 pm

My strength undying, my hunger never ending, my hate ever ravaging, my will unbreakable. For I am Sith, and I am free!
Name: Streiter
Rank: Sith Apprentice
Alignment: Dark Side
Species: Sith Pureblood
Age: 24
Height: 6'2
Weight: 240
Eyes: Glowing yellow, changes to Blood orange when greatly impassioned.
Sex: Male
Preference Female
Appearance: With carmine colored skin and black long hair Streiter looked like a Sith right from the get go, his natural soft glowing yellow eyes didn't help this appearance. His body was of a thicker build, barreled chest and thick limbs covered in hard muscle gave Streiter all that more of an intimidating appearance. As for clothing Streiter wore what he found comfortable, sadly for those that wished harm upon him, what he found comfortable was the basic robe and armor that your standard Sith warriors wore, Though his mask was usually not on when he wasn't in battle or training, the mask itself is usually hanging on his belt within his robes.
Fighting style: Form I: Shii-Cho, Form III - Soresu
Favorite Techniques: TrĂ kata, Shiak, Sia Tok
Lightsaber: This red bladed lightsaber has a bit different than most other sabers one may come across. The main difference for this is that along the hilt there is no button or switch used to activate the saber. This feature was added in case anyone got their hands on the saber it would be useless in the hands of a non-force sensitive, as for a force sensitive person not having intimate knowledge of the saber, would take them a moment to activate it. Other than this its design is simple made from dark grey and black metals giving it a Sith look. The hilt is roughly equal in its width through out the hilt, making it sturdy and possible for the wielder to grip it at different pints and keep it comfortable while being able to apply pressure or change grips with relative ease.
Starship: "Fury" Class Imperial Interceptor
History: Streiter had come about by being bred by two Sith Purebloods. The idea of using two Sith who not only had physical traits of the Purebloods but where also accomplished and powerful Sith Lords, would create a child worthy of the teachings of the Sith. And in time soon the red skinned child was born into this universe. Being born of Purebloods and having traits to prove his heritage of the ancient Sith lords, he was given what the Sith would call privileged lives. Lower ranks can call it what they will but having two Sith as parents who had expectations didn't give the young Sith much time to do anything child like. Once he was able to crawl he was being trained. How to read and speak the language of the sith along with basic force abilities. The training was usual for most Purebloods. From childhood Streiter like others was trained in the ways of the Sith and of the Force, studied their ancient history. Though his parents did not wish to have an ignorant child so while being trained through history they gave him open collection of Jedi history and Sith history..now where one would think this would cause him to be possible in choosing the way of the Jedi, it infact caused a greater hate for the Jedi.
Wasn't long before Streiter was old enough and found himself being shipped off from home to train on Korriban. Here he trained with a large group of people, interacting with Sith Acolytes. years of this life continued lightsaber training, force training, fighting and defeating ones rivals. Soon enough the teenage years came in and Streiter was marked as a promising student. Being among the top of the list within the Korriban school one would think they would gain favoritism, but lets be honest. You prove your strong among the Sith you put a target on yourself. That placed himself under harder training by the Master's who trained the Acolytes and the fact Streiter was marked as that and that in the eyes of the Sith teens, Streiter was not bad to look at. He already had rivals, but now the males challenged him out of envy, be it Streiter had the attention of a female they wanted, or that he simply was more intimidating so groups of males would challenge. Welcome to a Sith High School.
Sadly for most of the males who had not the talents to fight Streiter to a stand still some had to be placed into medical care for weeks to come where as some simply had a letter sent to their families to notify their failures and death.
Soon came the time to be chosen by a Sith Lord who seeks to become Master. There was charts to be looked at and the most promising where handed to more powerful Sith Masters and Lords, but this wasn't just enough but some wanted test. Simple force mastery test and small lightsaber duels to test these young Sith. This is where Streiter lost his chance at his first Master. One of the Lords had chosen a female Pureblood to test in a lightsaber duel. The girl was in the top ranks along with Streiter, the two had dueled and fought before in lightsaber and force duels. Having been in this academy since childhood there are things that happen. And this girl had become Streiter's weakness, if it could be called that. The Lord went at the girl, and though she did well the Sith lord seemed to have a problem with Purebloods, seeing as this Sith Lord was human. When the girl was on the ground and the Lord moved into the kill Streiter was moving. His movements came to a surprise as he had used the force to pull a lightsaber to him as he leaped into the air, the Sith Lord turned his attack to stop Streiter. but with a click of a button Streiter's saber was off allowing the Sith Lord to find no connection until the red glow of Streiter's stolen saber came into sight and caused a grunt from the Sith lord. Carving the Sith lord in half as Streiter looked down at the girl.
Thats when the world went black. Streiter woke up to be in a ship with a small select few, there was no master to be seen. But soon they where taken off the ship and presented to group within the Empire known as the True Sith. This is where Streiter gained his first Master as it seemed other Master's of a lesser caliber did not want the young Sith. Since then Streiter has been with the True Sith, training underneath the guidance of his Master, and Streiter was hoping to soon find himself becoming a Sith Lord himself.

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PostSubject: Re: The Sith Apprentice Streiter   Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:28 am

Finally came up with a history that I am ok with for the moment.

If there is anything wrong with the history or the profile in general, let me know and I can change it.

I know I was told not to have advanced force abilities and to not kill a Lord or Master effortlessly but I wanted a form of conflict in his history to give him better Loyalty to the True Sith and a dislike for that kind of Sith the general Empire is creating. I figured it wasn't out dueling a Sith Lord as much as it was a sneak attack, using a skill that most Jedi and Sith don't use.
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The Sith Apprentice Streiter
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