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 Faxdin Adoug

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Class : Imperial Sniper
Unit : Sith Intelligence

PostSubject: Faxdin Adoug   Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:03 pm


Name - Arf'axdi'nuruodo

Species - Chiss

Age - 25

Height - 1.63 m

Hair - Short, jet black hair

Eyes - Red

Skin - Dark Blue


Alignment - Sith Empire, Chiss Ascendancy

Weapon - Chiss DX-7 Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapon(s) - Standard Vibro Dagger, Standard Dual Imperial Wrist-Guns, or a V-1 series Stun Blaster.

Fighting Styles - Chiss Darkonlin Defensive Maneuvers, Mandalorian Judo, and Soresu (Taught by Demm Xmara)


Faxdin Adoug, or more specifically Arf'axdi'nuruodo, was the son of the famous CEDF Admiral, Calz'idor'nuruodo, who'd fought off a militant, Vagaari Splinter Fleet under General Krarsh.

Faxdin was originally a member of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force before joining the Sith Empire. Whilst the rest of his Empire was preparing to invade the Republic, the Sith Emperor sent envoys to the Chiss Ascendancy. Faxdin was chosen by the head of the Nuruodo Family to greet and accompany one of the Imperial Envoys, Demm Xmara, a Sith Apprentice who was being punished for nearly exposing the Empire by attacking a Jedi Knight, and her apprentice, on Nal Hutta. When Faxdin and Demm met and began conversing, they developed an instant friendship.

During the visit, Faxdin provided weapons demonstrations for the Imperials; explaining Chiss tactics and naval strategy. Demm, impressed by Faxdin's marksmanship abilities, convinced the Imperial Ambassador, Darth Vita, to ask the Chiss Ruling Families to let the CEDF lease Faxdin, along with equally talented CEDF members, to Imperial Intelligence. The Chiss, after much deliberation, allowed Faxdin, and two other CEDF members, to accompany Vita back to Dromund Kaas. When the envoys, and their new Chiss allies, arrived back on Dromund Kaas, they went directly to the Dark Council. The Dark Council ordered, after demonstrations of the Chiss' abilities, the Chiss into Imperial Intelligence. Darth Jadus, sensing that Faxdin and Demm could be great agents, had them assigned as Infiltration Team One. After the meeting with the Dark Council, Jadus introduced Demm and Faxdin to the three other members of IT One, Mislilac, a Miralukan who has been one of the greatest Imperial Agents, Förgifta Punkt, a veteran Imperial Agent, and Colpo Veloce, a Corellian with a knack for improvised decisions. After introductions, Jadus assigned IT One to infiltrate Coruscant to eliminate various Senators and the Chancellor of the Republic. Although IT One failed to kill the Chancellor, they did manage to eliminate all of the Senators assigned to their team.

Since his first mission, Faxdin has participated in various operations across the Galaxy. From missions to root out traitors to the Empire, to eliminating high valued people, Faxdin is one of the most successful Agents in the Empire. Even with all of his successes, Faxdin formally denied being transferred to the Cipher Agents, even resisting torture inflicted by Darth Jadus himself, as he did not want to leave IT One. Faxdin is currently on a solo-op on Nal Hutta.
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Faxdin Adoug
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